Pricing Info and Extended Summer Hours


There is a studio fee for each painter plus the price of each item that is picked out.
You will not get your ceramic(s) back the same day.
We will call when they are ready for pick up (approx. 7-10 days)

Studio Fees
Includes: paints, firing, glazing, unlimited time & tools.
$7+ tax per child
$9+ tax  per Adult

Ceramic Items
Prices Vary: Depending on size of item, what it is, and how much detail the item has.
Prices are typically $18 and upward.

Please click here to check our calendar for upcoming events and specials.

Extended Summer Hours:
June 21st  – September 2nd

Monday – Saturday:
10:00am – 9:00pm

11:00am – 7:00pm

As a reminder, it typically takes about 2 hours to paint. Therefore, we recommend coming in to paint at least two (2) hours prior to closing on any night of the week. This will help to ensure completion of your artwork. In the event that you have less than two hours to paint – You are most welcome to start a project and either complete it by closing time or take it home if it is not completed. We will wrap it for you to take home. You may come back at ANY later date and complete your project at no extra cost to you.

We also ask that all customers picking up ceramic items kindly come any time at least one (1) hour prior to our closing times, any day of the week.

Please click here to check our calendar or call the studio at 201-445-4898 for any time changes.